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Using Payroll Software for Payroll Process Management

payroll_checkIn our previous two postings, we had come to know about payroll basics and payroll services. We had explored it all in detail. Moving ahead with the same series, today we are going to discuss about Payroll Software. I am sure most of us are aware of the same. Today we will see what exactly is a payroll software and is it a better choice in comparison to outsourced payroll services.

A payroll software is a standalone application or a system integrated with any HRMS application where payroll calculations are carried out. A typical payroll software takes little input from the employer, just employee wage information and hours and eventually comes up with required calculations and withholdings. The calculations are updated with the change in time tax laws. A Payroll software can also fill employee’s tax forms and set a reminder for them to file the same at anytime later. Using a payroll software, one can also make all necessary deductions from the paycheck as required.  In a payroll software, you also need to personally enter all pertinent information. For example, if you offer your employees health insurance, you need to provide all of the information about the insurance provider so the software can not only withhold premiums from each check, but write checks to the insurance company when they’re due.

But inspite of all offerings, a payroll software does have limitations like a paycheck generated via payroll software still needs to be physically signed and printed by the employer before its sent to the employees. The same is required with employee tax forms which is invalid without employer’s signature. Anyways in comparison to outsourced payroll services, a payroll software is a huge time-saver as it enables in easier handling of complicated withholdings and constantly changing tax laws. The best advantage of course is to have your payroll data at one place.

Payroll Services or Payroll Software – it is never easy to decide over the same but as per our observations, Payroll Software is a better alternative for companies having an employee strength between 10-50. Nowadays, Payroll software are becoming web based and so it is much more easier to manage payroll process from any web enabled computer. As compared to payroll services, a payroll software is quite cheap but one shouldn’t forget the fact that a payroll software cannot complete every task. There is still a requirement for manual interference with the same whereas there is nothing like the same with outsourced payroll services and is therefore a better choice for larger companies having an employee strength over 100. Outsourced Payroll services are handled by dedicated professionals and so there is nothing much to worry about.

No matter whatever type of payroll system is finalized, there are still some important criteria to be considered. We will be seeing the same in our next post. Let me know if you have any queries. Mail it to – 

SmartSuite Software Evaluation Version – Download Demo Online HRMS Software


SmartSuite Software

Now, you can download and test out the fully functional business version of the BioEnable SmartSuite Software. This business version is available for evaluation purpose only. Unlike the community version, this evaluation comes packed with all features but yes, it has certain user limitations. The Evaluation version of the SmartSuite Software cannot be used for more than 5 users/employees. Once the maximum user limit is reached, any further record cannot be added.

The Evaluation version can be used by individuals, companies or organizations to test out all available features of the SmartSuite Software including the import feature. The import feature allows logs from the supported hardware to be imported to the SmartSuite Software. This can be done either manually or can be automated. The automation gets possible after integration of the available time attendance device with the SmartSuite Software. The integration of the supported hardware with the software is done using a php script and the script currently works with MSQL databases and MS Access databases. There is no support for Oracle at present.

The community version on the other hand, has limited features. Also, there is no option available to import logs into the software. You can still test it out and use it for any number of users. The community version does not come up with any user restriction as such. It is thus a good choice in case you are managing a small company/organization with 20-50 employee/user strength. But anyways, you are still missing the Import Feature, one of the most important and must have feature with this software.

Now, below is a download link for both community version and the evaluation version. You can try out both these versions and then you can finally decide over the purchase of licensed version of SmartSuite Software -

Download SmartSuite Evaluation Version (Fully Functional Business Version – Max 5 users)

Download SmartSuite Community Version (Limited Features )

Faqs and Forums

FAQs – BioEnable SmartSuite Time Attendance Management Software Facts

How does BioEnable SmartSuite work?

BioEnable SmartSuite uses a biometric device data that store a unique employee ID of each employee with fingerprint details which avoid proxy punching. Each time an employee scans his/her hand, is compared to stored data . The device accurately identifies the employee and save his/her transaction details … all in less than 1-second.

Whether BioEnable SmartSuite is easy and safe to use?

BioEanble SmartSuite is very user friendly. Even it is found that many employees use it without any training. Unique username and password is provided to each employee hence every employee is having hompage with details require. BioEnable SmartSuite helps employee to apply for online leave and keep track of attendance. Superiors can track there subordinate attendance and schedule also.

What is BioEnable Smartsuite?

BioEnable Smartsuite is a web based BioEnable SmartSuite program for companies that want to get rid of their Manual/ PC based time and attendance system and interested in web based system where they can easily access time attendance system, HRMS and visitor management etc from anywhere in world in real time without any manual intervention.

How do I install BioEnable SmartSuite?

BioEnable SmartSuite is a webbased software hence after purchase we provide you one domain and you can start using our system after submitting initial information.

How Can I Try BioEnable SmartSuite?

User (employee) login
username –
password – user

Admin (HR manager ) login
username –
password – admin123

Why should I Use BioEnable SmartSuite ?

To save your company time and money. Enable the manager, to get a better idea of your real time and attendance information with team details from anywhere even when he is on leave. If you use a manual time card system or a mechanical punch clock then your accountant or book-keeper will be spending 20-25 minutes per employee tallying these records into an Excel spreadsheet or something similar.

Are the reports in BioEnable SmartSuite up-to-date?

Yes. All reports pull their information from database ensuring that you are seeing the most up to date information you have. some of Time and attendance reports cover in BioEnable SmartSuites follows.

Today’s Reports

1. Shiftwise Presence Report
2. Shiftwise Absence Report
3. Shiftwise Leave Report

Daily Reports

1. Early Arrival Daily Report
2. Late Arrival Daily Report
3. Punch From Reader
4. Missing and Revivifications Report
5. Early Departure Daily Report
6. Late Departure Daily Report

Current Month

1. Muster Report (Current Month)
2. Late register(Current Month)
3. Early Register (Current Month)
4. Overstay report (Current Month)
5. Absentwise Register(Current Month)
6. Time Loss (Current Month)

Previous Month

1. Muster Report(Previous Month)
2. Late Register(Previous Month)
3. Early Register(Previous Month)
4. Overstay Report (Previous Month)
5. Absentwise Register (Previous Month)
6. Time Loss (Previous Month)

Summary Reports

1. Departmentwise Summary
2. Employeewise Summary
3. Early Departure Summary
4. Daily Department Summery

Performance Reports

1. Daily Performance Report
2. Monthly Performance Report (Current Month)
3. Monthly Performance Report(Previous Month)
4. Percentage Employee Analysis
5. Percentage Departmentwise Analysis
6. Absence Percentage Analysis
7. Presence Percentage Chart
8. Tardy Percentage

Master Reports

1. Department Master Report
2. Employees Personal Detail Report
3. Holiday Master Report

Leave Reports

1. Leave Card Report
2. Sanctioned Leave Report

Yearly Reports

1. Employee Wise Yearly Attendance Report

Can the same BioEnable SmartSuite be Accessed From Multiple Computers?

Yes. You need only internet connectivity with username and password for accessing BioEnable SmarSuite.

1. Administrative logging /employee logging.

There are two modes of logging in BioEnable SmartSuite . with employee logging employee can see his attendance, own details and his subordinates details . using administrative longing admin can give access or restrict employees or group of employee for task or features. Administrator also configure the software to suit company and add/edit/delete employees, and produce company reports.

What are Employees?

Employees in BioEnable SmartSuite are entities that represent your company employees.

Can I generate reports for attendance ?

Yes. BioEnable SmartSuite can generate several attendance reports suitable his department.

Can I See Who is in and Who is not?

Yes. By using today’s report section you can find who is in and who is absent

I Want to Stop Employees Clocking in and out for each other but
How to do it ?

Simple, just register finger of each employee instead of only card/ password and then there is no proxy punching

Can I track on visitor visiting my company?

Yes with BioEnable SmartSuite now it is very easy to track on visitor visiting your organization. It is possible to keep complete record of visitor with date time and also searching is very easy of visitor for administrative purpose.

Can I keep track on my company vehicles?

BioEnable SmartSuite helps you keep track of your vehicles which is used for official purpose

Can I store complete details of employee in BioEnable SmartSuite?

Yes in BioEnable SmartSuite it is possible to store all information about employee and generate reports when require. It is possible to upload i Important documents if necessary.

Can I Use BioEnable SmartSuite with device from other supplier ?

Yes. Customization is needed for integration.

I’d like to see customization to BioEnable SmartSuite. How can I ?

Then email us Much of the on-going development of BioEnable SmartSuite is based on feedback from our users. If you’d like a custom version of BioEnable SmartSuite for your company we can also provide customization on a fee for service basis.

Can I have BioEnable SmartSuite in Spanish Version ?

Yes, we can have a commerical spanish version of SmartSuite software for you. But it will cost you one time extra charges of USD600.

Can I handle multiple companies in BioEnable SmartSuite Software ?

Using SmartSuite software, you can handle single company with no. of branches(Locations)

If I buy  the  version  for  1000  users  I can  later  upgrade to  the unlimited ?

Yes, you can upgrade it later to unlimited users once you have purchased it for 1000 users.

How do I buy BioEnable SmartSuite ?

You can purchase BioEnable SmartSuite by providing your contact details like address , email ID and phone number. It is also possible to contact on below details

TOLL FREE: 1800-209-2131(From India Only)
Call +91-20-26810214, +91-20-65005360/1/2

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