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Using Payroll Software for Payroll Process Management

In our previous two postings, we had come to know about payroll basics and payroll services. We had explored it all in detail. Moving ahead with the same series, today we are going to discuss about Payroll Software. I am sure most of us are aware of the same. Today we will see what exactly is a payroll software and is it a better choice in comparison to outsourced payroll services. A payroll software is a standalone application or a system integrated with any HRMS application where payroll calcu... Read More

SmartSuite Software Evaluation Version – Download Demo Online HRMS Software

[caption id="attachment_1183" align="aligncenter" width="320" caption="SmartSuite Software"][/caption] Now, you can download and test out the fully functional business version of the BioEnable SmartSuite Software. This business version is available for evaluation purpose only. Unlike the community version, this evaluation comes packed with all features but yes, it has certain user limitations. The Evaluation version of the SmartSuite Software cannot be used for more than 5 users/employees. Once ... Read More

Faqs and Forums

FAQs – BioEnable SmartSuite Time Attendance Management Software Facts How does BioEnable SmartSuite work? BioEnable SmartSuite uses a biometric device data that store a unique employee ID of each employee with fingerprint details which avoid proxy punching. Each time an employee scans his/her hand, is compared to stored data . The device accurately identifies the employee and save his/her transaction details … all in less than 1-second. Whether BioEnable SmartSuite is easy and safe to ... Read More

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