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Why SmartSuite Attendance Software is the Right Attendance Software for your Organization ?

SmartSuite Time Attendance Software is a web based attendance software which helps in monitoring employee work hours for the entire organization and the calculation of various important figures that are derived from employee work hours. SmartSuite Time  Attendance Software is an affordable software solution to record and track attendance of employees. Being easier to use and implement, SmartSuite Time Attendance System calculates the exact time each worker per day or for a selected period of ... Read More

Contract Labor Management System (CLMS) Press Release in India Safe Magazine

Visit India Safe – ... Read More

Contract Labor Management System (CLMS) Press Release in SafeSecure Magazine

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BioEnable launches Online Contract Labor Management System (CLMS)

BioEnable has recently launched a web based Contract Labor Management System for organizations seeking a robust system to manage their contractors and labors under them. Still under the development stage, BioEnable Contract Labor Management System will help organizations to save few hundred times the investment within few months of implementing the system. BioEnable Contract Labor Management System serves following purpose for any organization - Plant(company) wise restriction for labors/contr... Read More

Contract Labor Management System (CLMS)

Contract Labor Management System (CLMS) is an important process in any enterprise. Contracting helps in improvising the bottom-line with keeping the liabilities limited. Today, it is almost unavoidable for any Principal Employer not to avail services of Contract Workers. However due of the Compliance Issues, Safety & Security issues, Accidents, Periodic medical check-ups etc, the entire contract management process becomes a complex subject for the departments like HR, Security & Faciliti... Read More


SmartSuite is a comprehensive Time Attendance management software with advanced features like Organization chart, detailed Employee records management, Leaves management, Attendance management, Shift Scheduling along with extensive Reports & Charts. It is a PHP based Web software that can be installed on company intranet or web servers. It can work in both Windows & Linux environment. Quick Tour – Blog - Hardware Support – Live Demo – Downloads – CLMS The smartsui... Read More


Download BioEnable Company Profile Presentation Download SmartSuite Evaluation Version (Fully Functional Business Version – Max 5 users) Download SmartSuite Software Presentation Download SmartSuite Brochure Download Manuals/Tutorials on SmartSuite Software Download CLMS Brochure Download CLMS Presentation     -To see video for Attendance click here... Read More

Hardware Support

BioEnable supports multiple different hardware devices to increase efficiency for employees punching in/out, job costing, and invoicing. The hardware listed below can be used with our web based attendance software (smartsuite software) as well as contract labor management software. Below is a list of biometric devices which are currently supported with our software - BioAccess v3 – The New Age Access Controller BioAccess v3 is the new age access controller with all fingerprint, card and pa... Read More


Both SmartSuite Software and Contractor Labor Management Software are designed in such a unique way that it suffices requirement for all types of organizations and provides optimum results for the users of the same. We understand that some organizations do have unique preferences, needs and goals. In such situations we are ready for software customization. We request you to please share your requirements in detail so that we can offer you the best possible solution. Please use contacts below to ... Read More

BioEnable SmartSuite Software – Time Attendance Software

As your company grows, so does the complexity of managing employees. Maintaining accurate data about your employees along with attendance and leave details, by themselves, are very  time consuming tasks. BioEnable SmartSuite make it easy for you to manage employees using latest web based collaboration tools and intuitive software. It provide modules like Company details, Employee Records management, Time Attendance Management, Leaves management, Visitor Logs, Centralized Task management along ... Read More

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