SmartSuite is a web based software and its online demo is available for your evaluation.

Demo URL:

You can LOGIN with any of the following IDs as mentioned below -
Administrator Login

Administrator has top most rights for the SmartSuite software. He can change rights of other users, do advanced settings that control the behavior of the software. Administrator is also one of the employees in the company. There can be more than one administrators.

username :
password : admin123


Supervisor Login

Supervisor is a person who has one or more persons working under him. In this case supervisor is required to only only manage his on records but also monitor/manage records of his assistant.

username :
password : raj123


Employee Login

username :
password : srk123

In case you have any problems in login or testing demo system please contact our support team.

If you wish to install SmartSuite on your Server click here

Call : 020-66813623
TOLL FREE : 1800-209-2131(From India Only)


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