Attendance Tracking

Tracking attendance can become a nightmare if an organization does not have an effective means to do so. Time management & Attendance Tracking is a huge part of the human resources problem, and can quickly become a serious issue if the process is not streamlined. Creating schedules alone can be a very time consuming task for any manager for Attendance Tracking. Throw in requests for paid time off, vacation, sick leave, and more, and the situation becomes very difficult indeed to manage. Doing so manually would be a full time job in and of itself even for a smaller company.

Why Attendance Tracking ?
Tracking hours and attendance can not only be an administrative nightmare, but a financial one as well. If hours are not managed effectively, it can quickly lead to the company losing hours due to time theft and other problems. While it is easy to underestimate this problem in a small company, it can grow uncontrollably as the organization itself increases in size. Once a company has become too large for the HR department to manage on a personal basis, trouble can quickly follow.

How can this inefficiency and administrative overhead be avoided? Many smaller organizations, as well as large companies, have turned to lightweight time management solutions. With the advent of “software as a service”, affordable web based packages have made it possible to largely automate the attendance and time issue. SmartSuite is an excellent example of attendance control software that can help organizations of all sizes streamline their administrative processes for Attendance Tracking. With a wealth of options, SmartSuite makes time management a simple and intuitive process.

Using SmartSuite, an employee can log in and request leave different leave categories. Managers can view archived attendance information and evaluate attendance trends over long periods of time. With such an abundance of information tracked in a completely paperless fashion, HR management has never been easier. Best of all, SmartSuite is a highly scalable solution as well for Attendance Tracking.

With the full Smartsuite Business package, an organization can move their attendance tracking and time management completely paperless. Smartsuite Business can also be integrated with hardware punch in/out systems, making it a highly flexible package that can work for almost any corporate environment. SmartSuite is just one tool of many that can help organizations to minimize time spent on administrative tasks.