Installation Requirements

The basic requirements of running SmartSuite Software

OS – Any Windows/Linux, Mac OS (possible but not tested)
Web Server – Can work with all web servers that support PHP5 like Apache, IIS, Nninx, lighttp etc.
Database – MySQL Database 5.0 or above (Free database available for wide range of OS)
PHP5 – PHP5 Support is required

For Windows Desktops & Servers

Download and install XAMPP or WAMP (visit or These packages include Apache, MySQL & PHP in a single easy to install configuration

For Linux Servers/Desktops

Install MySQL, PHP5 & Apache created for your Linux distribution

MacOS : visit and install this on your Desktop. After installing the same, you can follow same installation steps as for the windows. We have not yet tested it but anyways, it should work perfectly.


The requirements mentioned above are for the server installation. SmartSuite is a web based software and once installed on the server on LAN or Web it can be accessed from wide range of devices with web browser.

It can be accessed using all popular Desktop web browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera. And also using Mobile web browsers like Safari (iPhone/Mac), Symbian web browser,Opera mini.

Hardware Requirements for the Server

CPU – Minimum 1.6GHz or more
RAM – 500MB free recommended
HDD – Min. 100MB required including WAMP/XAMPP

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