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Contract Labor Management System (CLMS) Press Release in India Safe Magazine

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BioEnable launches Online Contract Labor Management System (CLMS)

contract labor management system
BioEnable has recently launched a web based Contract Labor Management System for organizations seeking a robust system to manage their contractors and labors under them. Still under the development stage, BioEnable Contract Labor Management System will help organizations to save few hundred times the investment within few months of implementing the system.

BioEnable Contract Labor Management System serves following purpose for any organization -

  • Plant(company) wise restriction for labors/contractor.
  • Attendance approval process for labors on daily basis by authorized person inside the plant.
  • Quota approval process by authorized person every time when added.
  • Contractor/Contract approval process by authorized person.
  • Mail alert for each approval process to the authorized person
  • Labors restriction in case if quota full for particular day.
  • Labors/contractor restriction in case they are blacklisted/terminated by higher authority.
  • According to IN, OUT Punches Working Hours will be calculated.
  • Skill-set wise wages report for labors/contractor.
  • Detail reports of all regarding labors/contractors related activities.

BioEnable Contract Labor Management System can also be integrated with the supported biometric devices like BioAccess v2, NAC2500, Fingkey Access Control, etc…

For more information on the BioEnable Contract Labor Management System, please check out this page here – Contract Labor Management System (CLMS)

Also, you can check out this press release on BioEnable CLMS here – A Fingerprint Based Labour Management System

For any inquiries related to the purchase of CLMS , please send your requirements here at this email id – or fill in the inquiry form located on top right sidebar of the page.

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