Hardware Support

BioEnable supports multiple different hardware devices to increase efficiency for employees punching in/out, job costing, and invoicing. The hardware listed below can be used with our web based attendance software (smartsuite software) as well as contract labor management software.

Below is a list of biometric devices which are currently supported with our software -

BioAccess v3 – The New Age Access Controller

bioaccess v3BioAccess v3 is the new age access controller with all fingerprint, card and password option. With its high definition color LCD display and the unique open design of the keyboard it has got and elegant design to suite the interiors and offers a class look.

BioAccess v2 – Time Attendance Recorder

BioAccess v2
bioaccess v2BioEnable launches BioAccess v2 model of its popular BioAccess Time attendance recorder. BioAccess v2 is powered with advanced features and come with quality & service assurance form BioEnable.

BioAccess v2 offers the fastest fingerprint identification and verification speed in the industry and features intelligent fingerprint recognition technology for the first time. It automatically learns and adapts to the changes in the fingerprints, leading to lowest false rejections in the industry.

NAC 5000 – Standalone Fingerprint Access Control

NAC 5000

nac5000NAC-5000 is a cutting edge fingerprint access controller, which comes with NITGEN’S superior own algorithm, large LCD& touch screen. It is very convenient and innovative design, it’s a market leader in access control with high value. NITGEN’S fingerprint algorithm enables to high speed authentication, NAC-5000 is  designed for large scale of security system using TCP/IP & wireless LAN.

NAC 2500 – High Speed Fingerprint Access Controller

NAC 2500
Designed and produced using outstanding fingerprint recognition technology NAC2500 fingerprint recognition Access control system is capable of speedy and accurate authentication of fingerprint data. With this product have we made it possible for you to build a more improved and efficient security system for a lower installation cost. in addition, this product offers you enterprise level entry management and employees’ work hour management with its LAN communication-based network structure and enhanced server management program.

NAC 3000 – Fingerprint Access Control Security System

NAC 3000
Fingerprint Access Controller (NAC-3000) is the state of the art biometric system by adopting fingerprint technology, which has very excellent biometric security and user’s convineance. Designed and manufactured with the sensor and algorithm developed by nitegen’s superior biometric technology , it has very accurate and speedy fingerprint recognition rate while a user can build very robust security system at inexpensive cost. Also if using server management program of which network configuration and functions have been strengthened, you may advantageously apply it for Access Control System and Time and Attendance Management of  enterprise level.

Proximity Card Access Control


The proximity card access control system, is a professional access control product. It is a proximity T&A and A&C system, as it adopts proximity communication PSK and encrypt professional proximity card to check ID which is much safer and more credible than those without encrypt proximity cards. It gets maximum security and maximum value to the customers, which is a senior and a safe equipment, to achieve the professional management of automatic and modern.

Fingkey Hamster I – USB Optical Fingerprint Scanner

Fingkey Hamster I
NITGEN’s Fingkey Hamster is a fingerprint identification device for computer security that is equipped with the fingerprint identification module featuring its superior performance, accuracy, durability based on unique NITGEN Fingerprint Biometric Technology. It can be plugged into a computer separately with your mouse and it is very safe and convenient device for security instead of passwords that is vulnerable to fraud and difficult to remember.
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